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CSC Design Studio Office Renovation & PV Installation

The winner of a 2011 American Institute of Architects Merit Award from the Kentucky Society of Architects, this project renovated an existing outbuilding on the same site as the Raven Run Residence into an office for the CSC Design Studio.  The addition of a grid-intertied 5.25kW (30 module) solar photovoltaic array with microinverters is planned to offset the electrical usage of both the existing house and the office on an annual net basis, creating a net-zero energy development. The office renovation included the addition of insulation, a rain screen and new cedar siding, new windows and doors, a high efficiency wood stove, and interior bookcases and tables.

AIA AwardBROCHURE: 2011 AIA KY Awards

PV ChartNet-Positive Energy Chart--Click to see how this project is producing more energy than it consumes!

You can track the production of our photovoltaic array in real time at the following link:


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