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Coupled Pan Space Frame

The Coupled Pan Space Frame, a unique patented post-tensioned concrete structure, was initially developed for hospital construction and provides large two-way spans, light weight, and incomparable building integration possibilities within its "Systems Space." The economies of this system are made possible through the use of the patented coupled pan forming principle using both top and bottom forms to mold the concrete as a space frame. Recent work with ARUP (London) has lowered the costs at the same time as it has speeded the construction process. The CPSF was shown to be able to integrate all hospital systems within the spaces of its 3 foot depth. Later this flexible system was developed to provide structure and infrastructure for the City-as-a-Hill Sustainable Urban Implantation model. Shortly before his death, Lou Kahn visited the research project and said, "You should build a museum around it."

AIA AwardPAPER: "The Coupled Pan Space Frame: A Structural Framework for Solar Conserving Buildings"

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